Review: World Cricket Championship 3 (WCC3)

World Cricket Championship 3 full review
World Cricket Championship 3 full review

About WCC3 Cricket Game

The full form of WCC3 is World Cricket Championship 3. Basically, WCC3 is a squeal of the WCC series cricket game by Nextwave Multimedia. Earlier WCC2 was rocking like the best mobile cricket game. Now, the early launch of WCC3 has surprised everyone. It has led the Nextwave Multimedia to millions of downloads and several awards.

The legendary of WCC Cricket games is very well and everyone is aware of it. So, expectations from the developers is also high. The madness and craziness about WCC3 in gamer is clearly visible.

What fans are saying about WCC3?

The fans are very passionate about this game. WCC3 provides you a fully realistic cricket ecosystem. You can play and live in it for hours. Specially crafted skills and controls have made this game immortal.

WCC3 is a fresh cricket game to play versatile cricket. Get the most reasonable cricket match-up on Mobile phone interactive gameplay and graphics, fresh out of the box new controls, multiplayer highlights, proficient discourse, energising liveliness, commentary of expert cricketers, and excellent AI

Features Of WCC3

Wcc 3 has several amazing features which are amazing and appreciable. The Beta version launch 3 has proven that the mega launch is going to be fantastic. Here are some amazing features of WCC 3 Cricket Game.

1. Graphics and Gameplay [WCC3]

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.
  • Dashbord/Home Area of WCC 3
  • Build A Team Online Multiplayer [WCC3]

Best feature of WCC3 is it’s quality graphic design and atmosphere. It take you to realistic cricket ground. Moreover a video game we can say it a “Cricket Simulator“. Gameplay is even smoother and thriller. The timeline, weathers, and atmospheric conditions are but better. For the first time you can gets a variety and versatility of time and weather.

Kits, Players, Umpires, Commentary, as well many amazing features are making this game look a virtual world.

The Graphics looks unbalanced in some places and bug patches are visible. Overall the graphics are dull, not the best that Nextwave Multimedia could give. It looks very heavy and sticky. May, in the future it will be improved. It could be better.

2. Real TV Commentary [WCC3]

Rating: 10 out of 10.
Aakash and Hayden's Commentary in WCC3
Aakash and Hayden’s Commentary in WCC3

Real commentators and Real commentary is a very big feature for any game. The two Cricket Star’s have put there voice in Wcc3 game to make it more interesting. They are also mentoring the game.

Both commentators: Aakash Chopra (in Hindi) and Matthew Hayden (in English) have rocked. The magic and clarity of their voice are enough and encouraging.

The line to line correct commentary is embedded there. Therefore, you can enjoy the realistic commentary for hours without getting bored.

3. Batting,Bowling and Fielding Controls/Animation [WCC3]

Rating: 9 out of 10.

BATTING is very much improved in WCC3. There is various bowling and batting action. Batting features: batting timing, footwork, shot placement, and selection. Every batsman has its own playstyle and stance.

So, the player can Run, Sprint, and Dive easily. We can manage the players’ Stamina and Focus levels. Stroke playing is more with shot precision and timing. Therefore, Drive, Cut, Pull, Hook, Flick, and hence loft out there.

BOWLING in WCC3 is very complex and deep. Bowlers have amazing action like Jasprit Bumrah and Lasith Malinga. There various variations in pace, swing, spin. Speed and turn are fully controllable. There around 100+ Bowling actions.

A bowler has limited stamina, can change the field positions and appeal. Some special delivery is also available. You can control the bowling action up to 100%.

FIELDING is introduced for the first time in the WCC Cricket Game series. Therefore this new feature is very interesting. A fielder can throw, catch, dive, and direct hit. Thus, you can also change the match result by fielding as well.

4. DRS and 3rd Umpire Feature [WCC3]

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.
Review and 3rd Umpire feature in WCC3
Review and 3rd Umpire feature in WCC3

World Cricket Championship 3 also offers you the Review system. If you are not 100% sure before any decision, then you can go for 3rd Umpire. The judgment will be live with all the rules and regulations in cricket. So, you can use this amazing feature in the game.

5. Umpires and Decision Making is Improved [WCC3]

Rating: 8 out of 10.
Umpire in wcc3

New umpires are in WCC3. The quality of decision making is also better. No more dependency on 3rd umpires. The umpire has a different uniform in different matched. The facial expressions have also been added. Thus, it cannot be ignored for long term.

6. Build A Team Online Multiplayer [WCC3]

Rating: 9.5 out of 10.
Build A Team Online Multiplayer [WCC3]
Build A Team Online Multiplayer [WCC3]

A special feature of WCC3. You can create your own team and play an online match. You can join your friend and play matches easily. The team will have group as a Caption, director, players, and mentors. Customize your SQUAD and improve each time you play a match.

It is fully customizlbe. Name you team and playrs. Make logo and jeury like a proffesional team of cricket. Therefore, jon the WCC3 cricket game and enjoy it.

7. Animation, Action, and Celebration [WCC3]

Rating: 9.5 out of 10.
New animation and actions in wcc3
New animation and actions in wcc3

Brand new animations and actions are available to WCC3. Experience the intense cricket gaming and explore the thriller matches including these actions. All types of action and facial expressions are available with bowlers, batsmen, fielders, and even umpires.

Wrapping It Up

At last, we conclude here: WCC3 is the best ever mobile cricket game made. A gamer can feel and live the game for hours and hours. Several important features have enhanced this game. The gameplay is also amazing and thriller. Though the Graphics could be improved. Since the size is a little higher. So, it can be an issue in long terms.

Some Question Regarding WCC3 Game


How to play WCC 3 Cricket Game in Mobile Phone?

  • Download it from here or Prefer to Google Play store.
  • Get Google sign-in & access from Google Games features.
  • Sign up and create an account in the wcc 3 games.
  • Now, the game dashboard is open.
  • Choose any tournament and start playing wcc 3.

How to play WCC 3 Cricket Game in PC/Laptop?

  • Download any Android Emulator like(Bluestacks or Andy)
  • Go to Google Playstore and sign in and gain access.
  • Search for WCC 3 in the top search bar.
  • Click and install the WCC 3 game.
  • Sign up or Sign in (if already registered)
  • Go on the homepage of your emulator.
  • Find the logo of WCC 3 and start playing it.

System Requirements of WCC3 Cricket Game

Android DeviceAndroid OS 4.0 or later
Device powered by an ARMv7 CPU
GPU support for Open GLES 2.0 is recommended or above
2 GB RAM (recommended for fluid gameplay)
IOS DeviceIOS 8.0 or later
2 to 4GB RAM
Windows DeviceWindows 10
Device powered by x86 or x84 or ARM
Android EmulatorsBluestacks with 4GB RAM PC
Andy with 4GB RAM PC
Koplayer, Memu 4 GB RAM

Can we play WCC3 in 1GB RAM Mobile or PC?

A very common question, and a very simple answer that No. Sorry, you cannot play WCC3 in a phone which has 1GB of RAM. Even you cannot install it. This game has very high graphics, so it requires good device to play.


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