Highly compressed, Best games to download for free in 2020 in 1 GB game size. We have collected the top 5 games that will rock in 2020. If you are a low-specs PC gamer and you face a problem to choose the games for your PC then we have collected the Top 5 games for you. All Top 5 Best PC Games Under 1GB in 2020 are free to download.

Top 5 Best PC Games Under 1GB in 2020

All the games which are in our top 5 Best PC games under 1GB in 2020 list are available to play on every gaming platforms and they are free to download as well. Most of the people have low specs PC and they want to play such games which have high graphics. So, our top 5 list will help you to explore your needs and you will find it really interesting.

Top 5 Best PC Games Under 1GB in 2020

Without wasting your much of time, we will proceed to our top 5 best pc games 2020 collection. The games included in the below list are genuine and provide you a quality graphics. All the games are under 1 GB size weather you download or share them. All are successfully tested. They are 100% perfect for you.

1. PROJECT IGI 1 (Best games under 1gb)


Project IGI 1 is a nice game for low specs pc gamers. It is a very good game with rich graphics and well-optimized missions. If you like shooter gamers which have the taste for shooting, fighting, and survival you must download this particular game. Developed by Innerloop Studios. This company is quite famous for games like IGI 1 and IGI 2.

It has a very nice storyline with the military. This game requires the minimum and a low specs gaming pc and it gives an amazing performance to the gamer. If you love shooting games then you must try this game.



GTA 3 is an amazing game to play in 1gb. Whether it is download size, or it is the storage, PC Ram it is quite cool. If you have a very low configured PC, and bored of playing GTA Vice City and GTA SA. We reckon you to play the Next title from GTA which is liberty city GTA 3.

It has some of the major bugs improvement and new HD textures including the latest vehicles with a beautiful map of Liberty City. This game has totally new missions and new characters. It also includes an amazing storyline that is waiting for you to be played.

3. TEKKEN 6 (Best game of low-end pc)

TEKKEN 6  (Best game of low-end pc

If you are a PC or PS gamer from your childhood then you must beware of the title “Tekken“. Amazing and very popular fighting game. Developed by incredible  Bandai Namco. The Tekken titles are worldwide popular. The characters are also very much popular and known to all the gamers. The game of this concept is as simple and you have to fight from your opponent in a given time with the health of both characters.

As these games become popular the creators also launched some terminology and some power and magic to the character. The smart move helps them to grow their game a lot. If you have not played it then make sure you play it.



Call of duty is an amazing and dominating warfare and survival tile which is popular in the world. It is because of the simple reason that it is the best warfare game and it has rich graphics and gameplay. Developed to a new level and now people can also play this game online. Talking about the older and very popular version Call Of Duty 2 is a very lovely and beautiful game.

If you have low specs PC and you want to play some high-quality games like pubg or and warfare or survival game then we always reckon you t play the COD 2. This game is a free simple to play so, download this premium warfare game and enjoy it.



Battlefield 2 is ana amazing and a very popular war-based game. It is a first-person shooting game. Developed by Digital Illusion. It is fighting and War game. It is the sequel of the title Battlefield and it is very much famous in the world.

First of all, we would like to clarify that it is very lite but it does not require any GPU or higher CPU and Ram at all. However, it gives a nice and playable performance on low specs PCs.

Wrapping it up, these were the top 5 games which you must try to download and play and all the games listed above are very much free and also they are that too easy to install. If you want more game review are you have any issue then do not forget to comment us below.

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