Top 10 Best Android emulators for PC in 2020. Android emulators in the top 10 Best android emulators in the 2020 list offer some genuine and best in performance. Top 10 Best Android emulators for PC in 2020 Full review, descriptions, pros, cons, features, and requirements all are reviewed and described below.

Top 10 Best android emulators for PC free download in 2020.

Top 10 Best android emulators for PC in 2020. We have professional experience of 5 years of android emulators marketing, developing and much more we have created top 10 Best android emulators lists which will help every gamer, creator and developer as well as common people. For new user of android emulators or gamers who want to stream the android games online, they are not able to get the correct android emulator for them.  

Top 10 Android emulators 2020 list

  1. BlueStacks
  2. MEmu
  3. Nox Player
  4. Leap Droid
  5. Android Studio
  6. Remix OS Player
  7. Andy
  8. KOPlayer
  9. Gameloop
  10. Youwave

Note: All the android emulators can only work on Windows operating system all the emulators must need at least 2Gb ram or higher.

1. Bluestacks (Best android emulator in 2020).

Do you have a little bit of knowledge about the android emulators, then you must be aware of Bluestacks. If we go more clear then we can clearly say that if you want to experience the real android features and game then you won’t get any android emulator better then Bluestacks. Top 10 Best Android emulators for PC in 2020

This app has some of the updates regarding the trending games and now it has become very easy to play and go live or stream simultaneously with the Bluestacks TV. There are countless features that may be impossible to explain in this short format of a quick review of Top 10 Best Android emulators for PC in 2020   What has made it unique, its constant updates have made it unique and success full in the field of android emulation.

The best android emulator in the world and we have also used it a lot. It’s consists cool features and multitasking properties. Also it has the game optimization features which are quite amazing for gamers also.  

2. MeMu.

An exceptional android emulator that allows us to play and use as much of android apps and games we want to. We have kept it in the second position because of its challenging power to Bluestacks and much more exceptional features. This works well on both the chipset but if we go deeper, then we conclude that it works the best on AMD chipsets.

More ever we should also be aware of its key mapping which is best in its job. The key mapping is best in the MeMu android emulator, it also uses a little hardware and if you want to play games like PUBG on it then you must have a GPU.

3. Nox Player

You mush be heard about it. The Nox player is an amazing android emulator. It also has some of the cool features like key mapping, smart gestures supported with your keyboard, controller support which is very much necessary in some of the games. 

It supports many portable devices through your PC. It also has multi-instances which offer you to run two or three emulators simultaneously and creates a lot of fun, if you have good hardware.   It handles our android apps and game easily and the OS is very much user-friendly. The installation is also as simple. You can customize your hardware setting very easily from the multi-instance manager. It is totally free of cost. It supports Google Play on it which is another world of apps and games.  

4. Leap Droid. (Fastest) 

It is now developed under Google and with the help of Google, it has become the fastest android emulator in the world. It deserves in Top 10 Best Android emulators for PC in 2020. In this android emulator, you will be able to get all the features and a good android engine. The engine of this particular android emulator is very lite and faster to enjoy.

Leap Droid is not a particularly game-oriented android emulator like the Tencent gaming buddy or Gameloop. It is very important to be clear. It is because many people think that it requires additional engines to download and if so then they would not be able to enjoy this emulator. The real fact is the optimization and updates in the technology from Google have made the android emulator very much lite and modern.

If you are in search of the fastest android emulator which does the equal work in lite storage, time and hardware then the Leap Droid does the perfect job for you. It is absolutely free and it supports google play services which are plus point in a very lite size. It works very smoothly and supports all the major apps and games on it.   After downloading it you don’t have to download any engine or update or anything. Just install it and rock. The constant update and major bugs fixing have improved this emulator very much and we hope that in the coming years it will be the best android emulator.  

15. Android Studio (best for developers)

Another beautiful and creative android apps emulator is free to use and also to develop apps. If you don’t know about this then you please remember that it is an initiative of Google that offers you to do the android development.   If you are a developer or creator then this emulator is best for you. Suppose you made an app or game (apk) application and want to test that will it work well on the Android, or you want a preview, then this emulator does the Job for you.

It not only previews your apps but it also helps you to debug and highlights your mistakes or we can say that you get the audit of your website easily. It is free of coast. You also get some of the best online android developer tools which enhance your application. 

We promise that you won’t get any other emulator if you are an android app developer. It allows you fast coding, debugging, demo before launch, etc. It is an initiative of Google, which is only useful for developers.  

6. Remix OS Player

Yet another beast that offers you the android world with a big screen on your PC. It is a comparatively very much improved android emulator which also runs of Windows OS. It created an amazing android developing environment for developers, gaming environment for games and vice-versa.

If you worry that its name has an OS, then it is a very common problem. It would be better if we say that it is moreover an Operating System. It is a complete android Operating System software that gives you a better experience than your android phone. As an Operating System, it has all the tools like MS Ofice, a stock notepad, browser, and all the important accessories tools which a normal OS usually has.

The benefit of installing this particular OS is that you get a real android world and you can easily interact with your android apps and game. It has one more benefit of integrated Android OS that all the apps and games never lack and give you outstanding performance.

It is very much versatile with its amazing and undefeatable features. It allows us game, streaming, using apps, and at the same time, it also offers you to develop and creates fun. It also uses the features of the Android Studio which is above.  

7. Andy

Beautiful and amazing emulator for android gaming. Its size is a little bit larger but comparatively its performance and true gaming experience is very unique and incredible. The andy is very much famous for its extra effort performance and gives you an amazing experience. When you install and open the emulator then you will be able to feel that why it is unique and for what the andy also has a paid version. 

The game simulation is also available on the emulator which gives an extra benefit. It supports many portable and wireless device and it is very much versatile. If you buy the paid version, then you will get some more extra features.   It works well on both Mac/Windows and it creates a lot of fun for the users. It is free and it also has it’s paid version which includes some enhancements. The andy provides perfect sync between the phone and the PC which is a unique and amazing feature if you are able to use it.  

8. KO Player

It is perfect at its place, free and does the job endlessly for you. It has also pushed with the Bluestacks which now on the top. The late updates and carelessness have led to its decline and loss of the users. But now also it works fine and provides lag-free gaming for the users and that too with low configuration hardware or PC.
It was quite famous for its amazing gaming performance and integrated tools like game-capture, screenshot, toggle, keyboard mapping. You will get all the features in this emulator. It is not a usual android emulator. First, download it, then only you will be able to feel those. 

If you have low configured pc then you get a huge advantage if you use the KO Player. It would be the best emulator for you and gives an amazing performance on AMD chipset. It also works fine on Intel chipsets. Its OS is very much user-friendly and it also offers you to change the OS of the emulator with the latest phone OS.  

9. Gameloop (Best for PUBG mobile)

We actually mean it a beast for PUBG. Yes, it is the official Android emulator for the PUBG Mobile game.  It gives you an advantage of the speed and better performance than any other would give. Rather than focusing on other specs the developers have only mentioned their interest in making the emulator user-friendly and give out the best performance and experience each time.

If you are searching for the best free android emulator to download in 2020 and play PUBG without lag then this emulator creates the exact environment and gives you and truly exceptional and amazing performance. It makes each and every match memorable.

It gives you 2K resolution of PUBG Moblie gameplay and emulation on the big screen. Of course, it has the best key amping technology and works very fine and in a precise manner of we do shooting or aim in the game PUBG Mobile.

The constant update and some handful features have made this emulator very much successful and popular for PUBG Mobile gaming on PC. We also recommend this emulator if you are also a PUBG Game lover.  

10. YouWave Emulator

  Lite and that is the reason it is fast and gives good output for the users. It is very old but it proves itself the best for users who have 1 or 2 GB of ram and no hardware. This is only the main reason because it is sustaining so long. All the emulators are user-friendly and easy to use them. You may download them from their respective website (official) and install them carefully. If you face any type of issue then comment us and we will solve your query.   It contains 2 or 3 versions. The basic version allows you to install the basic apps and you won’t be able to install the latest game. Yes, there is no doubt that it performs very well in such negligible hardware. Although you will be able to access the basic apps like WhatsApp Facebook etc.   The successor version has offered the user with major updates like Google play and more gaming diversity. It requires virtualization and many types of cracks are also available in the market.

Thus we conclude that if you have a very old PC or very low configured PC. Then the Youwave would be the perfect android emulator for you.



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