Top 10 Best Android Cricket Games in 2020

Are you looking for the top 10 best cricket games for android mobiles in 2020? So, we have collected the best Cricket games for you in 2020. The games into our collected list are very popular and absolutely free to download. In this Top 10 Android Cricket Games list in 2020, all the games are free to play they have some of the amazing features and more cricketing actions to enjoy. These games are very much famous and every cricket game fan must play all the games which we have included in our top 10 cricket games list.

Which is the best cricket game on mobile?

The Best Cricket Game on Mobile/Phone is WCC 3. It is World Cricket Championship 3. It is developed by Nextwave multimedia. It is best in mobile gaming and has various features. For details of WCC 3 read from here.


The list given below is about the top 10 cricket games to be played in 2020. In other words, every game is free to play and all are available on google play to install and play. Be sure that all the cricket games listed below are the top 10 list are free. Therefore, they provide a good quality of cricket and all are genuine.

Top 10 Best Android Cricket Games in 2020


wcc 3

An incredible cricket game in the history of mobile phone gaming. Very exciting as well as an amazing game that offers quality cricket gaming. This dominating cricket game is developed by Nextwave Multimedia. The particular game has numerous awards and it is a sensational cricket game. Its consistency of the update and newly changed which makes the Wcc 3 game more versatile is the secret behind a very big success of it.

At the present time, millions of people play it and enjoy this game. Million of people play and share this game and now Wcc games have a very good reputation in the field of cricket and gaming world.  

Play all three formats of cricket in this very complete cricket game and you can also play live matches in it. It gives many options in the menus like the quick game, t20, world cup, Ashes, IPL, ICC Tournaments and much more with the Hindi and English commentary. For one year this game has also enabled us to customize things a little like players, bowlers, team selection,  face edition, bowling action, etc. As a result, it is the best game.

Key Features of WCC 3

  • High quality and rich graphics.
  • Realistic Hindi/English commentary.
  • HD and realistic animations
  • Though, Online/Live match play.
  • Realtime game with an opponent.
  • The hot event, World tour.
  • Realistic kits and faces of players.
  • Huge variety of stadiums.
  • Reviews system and 3rd Umpire.
  • Won awards for 3 consecutive years.



Real Cricket 20 can be the best in our top 10 list. A very complete game with versatile features overall creates a nice cricket gaming experience for you. It is the second most popular cricket game after the WCC cricket games. This is an android specialist cricket game and in some aspects, it competes with WCC as well as in some aspects it is very unique and better. If you want one sentence difference from us then it would be: Real Cricket Game has very many extra features and are truly versatile.  

Real Cricket titles are created by Nautilus Mobile creations and it has created some beautiful game to play and Real Cricket 20 is one of them It also has Hindi commentary as well as English commentary. Its menus, navigation, roosters, and all the Kits look quite professional and that is the reason people love to play this beautiful game.  

Key Features of Real Cricket 20

  • It’s an online game.
  • Versatile modes and options to play.
  • The graphics are just incredible.
  • New commentary Hindi/English.
  • Create a full custom team.
  • It also has a CAMPAIGN (tour) mode.
  • Rain and weather change is there.
  • It offers you game simulation.
  • Has all the format of tournaments.
  • DRS and Third Umpire.



This EPIC Cricket game is really epic and if you are in search of cartoonish and rich graphics then this game will be better fr you. It has its own touch of gameplay with overall HD features. This game is very lite and it has some cool features. It offers you some uniqueness and a professional control system.

Also, it has a live match feature that you can play the match between the teams which are being played in the realtime among the International teams.   Download this amazing and beautiful cricket game that has its own identity with some cool and unique features. Remember it is very lite but it does its job very well.  

Key Features: Epic Cricket

  • The entire Game is HD.
  • New jersey with completely latest Kits.
  • All the International teams are available.
  • Controls are free to flow.
  • Play all three formats of cricket.
  • You can create your own campaign.
  • Realistic grounds with real player faces.
  • Hindi/English Updated Commentary.


Top 10 Best Cricket Games For Android

As the name suggests that this game Sachin Saga Cricket is created as a tribute to the Mater blaster, God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar. This game has only batting features because this game is oriented to Sachin and everyone knows ell that he was a batsman, not a bowler. In this cricket game, you have to go through the storyline, the scenarios that Sachin passed while he played in his career. 

The cricket matches are available from the domestic to the Internation and till his retirement. The most interesting thing is that the Player: Sachin grows as he plays matches and time spends. So, if you also want to interact with the amazing high-quality cricket game then download it from above.


Best Android Cricket Games wcb 2

You might be heard the name World Cricket Battel WCB. In the field of such competitive cricket games, this game is also trying to find the way for its success. It struggles from the beginning because of the high dominance of games like Real Cricket and WCC. It has a very well optimized structure, stadiums, players, Kits and much more to explore.

Don’t think that it is a bad or wasteful game. It’s a very unique and nice cricketing game. The creators are trying to make this game more beautiful and effective. It has all the features like Real-time multilayer, Rain, Hindi/English commentary and the most unique and special that highlights of match.



Big Bash Cricket by Nextwave Multimedia which can be said the most successful cricket game and it has also gained the OFFICIAL permission and contract to use the Players Real faces, data and real ground with human commentary. It has numerous and countless amazing features. In the mobile cricket game history, it is the first game that also has women teams. Since it is the official game and it comes with Original faces, Kits, and sponsors (KFC).  

Play only KFC BBL and WBBL. It uses official copyrights to use the player’s image. It’s a unique game. It also has realistic players, jerseys, kits, and cricketing shots. No ads are seen in this game as it is the official game from BBL and people are loving it to play.

7. Real Cricket GO 

top mobile Cricket Games

Play cricket on the go with proper commentary and cricketing shots. A thriller cricket game and it can be said as the demo or the light version of Rael Cricket 19. Many people do not prefer such high graphics games due to the internet or phone config problem so they search for lite cricket games. Thus understanding the need of people that Natilus Mobile decided to launch this lite version of cricket game.

Though it is a lite game. It has all the features, mods and special tournaments. This game is quite good to be played for a low-specs mobile phone. Therefore it is also good for budget gamers.

8. World Cricket Championship Lite (WCC Lite)

Top 10 Cricket Games 2020

WCC Lite is now quite famous. It offers you some good cricket in a very compact size. Similarly, it is also a very good game. The lite version supports all the android devices and remembers that fact that also runs on 512 MB of Ram. One more interesting fact is that you can enjoy the Wcc lite game in 9 languages: Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and English.

It offers you some funny elements to make the gameplay more interesting and people who have low configured mobile phone then they can download and play this amazing cricket game. Though it is lite in size it offers you quality graphics all shots all around the park.  

9. WCC Rivals – Realtime Cricket Multiplayer 

WCC Rivals - Realtime Cricket Multiplayer

Yet another beautiful game from the domination cricket group Nextwave Multimedia. You can play this game only online. This is a real-time cricket game. It means that you will be matched a game online with any player from any corner of the world or you can also play with your friends. So, this game also offers you 100% customization. Firstly you can create your own team.  

Secondly, you also get amazing features like naming your team name, player name, and logo, etc. That’s why this game is the user-oriented game and you can customize it as you want. Therefore don’t miss this game.

10. Chennai Super Kings Battle Of Chepauk 2

WCC Rivals - Realtime Cricket Multiplayer

You follow the IPL: Indian Premier League then you must be aware of the team: CSK Chennai Super Kings. Though this game doesn’t offer international cricket. However, it has a very huge fan following and community. This game can be said as a result of it. The game is also designed by the Nextwave multimedia. You get full and complete kits with real player names and faces. Its camera is first-person.

Basically, you get many scenarios of matches which are named as a battle in this game. It has some of the cool features like super over, slog, multiplay and much more to explore if you are a die heart CSK fan. However, all the games are nice. But, do not forget to download Top 10 Best Android Cricket Games – 2020

Overall: All the above, are you an android phone gamer? However, If yes, then please read the post listed you may find some new things here. Above all the games require a good gaming phone at all. Therefore, we reckon you to see some gaming phones. 


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