Tangi: short video app. The team of Google which is Area 120 has crafted it. Meanwhile, it is available only for iPhone users. As soon as possible, it will be out there on Gooogle play. This source of short video making is very nice. Tangi is a nice platform for creative people. Learn How to make a tangi video (Become a Tangi Creator). Share your Hobbies, Art, Craft and much more and get applause from the people around the globe.

Let’s get-go and learn how to make videos on google tangi app. Full guide regarding How to create a video on the Tangi app. All the best possible ways are explained below. After covering the article you will be able to make videos, clip and publish them on Google tangi app.

How to make a tangi video or become a creator (Full
How to make a tangi video or become a creator (Full

How to make Tangi videos or Become a Tngi Creator?

Making videos on the Tangi app is not as easy as the Tik Tok app. You are not independent here. Firstly, you have to apply for the tangi app to become a creator. If you get selected then only you can go for the video. If, not then you can not be a creator. So, if you want to be a creator and want to make videos on the Tangi app, then follow the steps below.

1. Make An Account On Tangi App

Do, you know how to create a Tangi account? If not then, we have also prepared a dedicated guide regarding this. It is very simple to make an account on the Tangi app. You must have a Google account to join Tangi. If you face any problem in creating a new account then learn from here. Hence, follow the steps in the given link.

2. Apply for Tangi Creator and Become a Tangi Creator

Apply for Tangi Creator

How To Apply For Creator In Tangi:

After creating a new account on the Tangi app, you must follow the next steps given below.

  • Click on Apply Now Button.
  • Fill the form with correct information.
  • Provide your portfolio (tik tok, Instagram or Youtube link or ID)
  • Go below and Tap on apply now.
  • Wait for the official mail.

You cannot directly publish the video. Firstly you have to Apply for Tangi Creator and Become Creator. It is a very smart step by Google and we also appreciate it. Similar to youtube, you may get monetization abilities in the future.

Eligibility requirements for Google Tangi

The smart feature of creatorship is very essential for filtration. Since, it is a positive, art-cart, teaching, learning sharing DIY app, it doesn’t allow rubbish Content as Tik tok has. Before applying for tangi you must have the following:

  • You must have a tik tok or other video sharing platform.
  • Your Content (videos and clips) must be sensual.
  • You must have a Google account.
  • Community and follower can play a vital role in selection.
  • If you are eligible then you will receive a confirmation email.

So, all the points above point to you that you cannot publish rubbish content here. If really you are a creator then you deserve the selection in this app. If you waste time and make non-sensual content then you will be thrown out. Hence, your selection will be judged from the video you provided to Tangi app registration. Therefore, provide the best video for it.

3. Edit and Publish Videos On Tangi

The final step, though the easiest one but your Content will only decide your future on this app. Watch some videos and learn what kind of content can be published here. There are many categories and criteria define for your 60-sec Content. Several apps are available on the web to edit and trim your videos.

The camera feature is also included in it. So, if you have a nice phone camera then directly you can upload it by integrated option. However, your video must be bounded under 60 seconds.

4. How to use ‘Try it’ Feature in Tangi app?

How to make a tangi video

The new and amazing feature is actually important. Since the ecosystem of the tangi app is to provide craft and trick. So, people try it to implement it with their own. If they do the trick successfully they share the clips of it on the Try it section of that particular video.

If they fail or face problems and have confusion then they can directly ask from the creator. Thus, the motive of the Tangi app being is fulfilled. Hence, the ‘Try it‘ feature is very amazing and equally important.

Wrapping it up:

Overall this was a complete guide regarding Google’s Tangi app. It is a very interesting app and people are downloading it. You also try it we reckon you this app. Hence if you like our full guide then please give your feedback. Therefore, we have also provided some important links regarding the Tangi app.



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