Do you want to know that how to Create a Tangi Account (Google Tangi)? Today we will explore and learn about creating a tangi account. This is the full tutorial of creating an account on the Google tangi app.

Sign up or Sign in Google Tangi app for Android

Similar to tik tok Google also launched its new short video making app. Tangi is the result of the hard work of google’s team: Area 120. This 60sec short video making app helps you to make short videos and share. However the AI and UI are similar to tik tok, but tangi is full of positivity.

Creativity and positivity is the primary motive of the Google tangi app. So, this app is good for creators as well as learners. The content of the Tangi app is very good and has a sense and a reason. Though, the competition is also not easy. Tik tok will try its best to sustain itself in the market. Thus, google wants to make its reputation in the field of short video making. Hence the clash will be interesting.

How to Create a Tangi Account (Android/iPhone) Phones

Sign up for the Google Tangi app. Learn how to create an account on Google tangi. Make your brand new account on Tangi app by our following steps. Follow them correctly.

Steps to create a Tangi account (Sign up)

1. Open the Tangi App or website:

Apply for Tangi Creator

Since the Tangi app is launched on the Apple store, so you can download it. Open it or Open the website of Tangi (Only for android users). Since till the time, tangi is not available, so you can also use its website.

Android users have to wait for some time. Though, the UI of the Tangi website is similar enough to the app. Apple users are quite lucky.

2. Tap on Profile (top-right corner)

iPhone users in the Tangi app can see the profile button on the top right corner. For the android users, (in future) in the app at the top-right corner Profile icon will be available. Tap on it. Meanwhile, for android users, follow the step on the site of Tangi.

3. Join Tangi by Google account

join google tangi

First of all, you must have a google account. Scroll a little below, find the signup button. After it, tap or click on the Sign in with Google button. You will be redirected to a new page. If App then no new page will open, simply choose your google account.

4. Select for notifications

On the tangi app, there are two types of notification. Firstly your account relates notifications: Like follower, like and comment, etc. Secondary you also get exclusive marketing notification similar to Youtube.

5. Choose your account

tangi login

After being redirected you will see the above page in the picture. A list of google account on your device will be opened. Choose an account to sign up. Click on any of the accounts to register with. It doesn’t require your phone number at all. Maybe in the future. But, Google’s account is enough.

6. Edit your Tangi Profile (necessary)

Tangi signup

It is a very necessary step which is maybe ignored by many people. There are many options to edit for an example: Name, Handel, Profile picture, Bio, etc. These necessary things are meant to be filled up ASAP. Since, you signup with google, Then by default it uses your Google information. You can easily change it.

Click the top-right corner on the profile icon. Hence a menu will be out there. Edit your necessary information and save it from below.

7. Switch another account or Logout

Though, signing in allows you to like the phots and do comment. You can also be a creator. The benefits are at there own place, so you can also logout. Anyhow, it depends on you to leave the app or continue, you should be able to the logout option. The reason for logout may be switching another account.

On the top-right side click on the setting icon and just click on the logout. Therefore you can also switch to a new account this way. If you face any problem then comment us below.


If you want explanations on How to be a creator on the Tangi app, then comment. We will also explain how to become a creator and qualify the guidelines of Google Tangi. Hence do not forget to share this article with your friends. Therefore also see some article related to Google Tangi app from below.


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