Are you searching to download EA Sports Cricket 2007 / 07? Or you are trying to find the full review and want to download it and its patches.

So, you are at the perfect site. We always provide quality cricket gaming stuff for you.  This my favorite PC Cricket Game for all time and there are a lot of my memories bound with it. EA Cricket 07 bring joy to every gamer and they just lost in it.

EA Sports Cricket 2007 PC Game

Ea Cricket 2007

EA Sports Cricket 2007 is the best and lite cricket game for PC gamers. It dominated the Cricket games and gained very much popularity. This legend game was released in November 2006 on two platforms: Windows & PS 2.

There is no certificate or analytic data is required for its popularity. At the initial launch, the hope od ICC World Cup was very high. People were finding interest and rest is the history of this Masterpiece.

EA Sports Cricket 2007 Full Review

Ea Cricket 2007

No doubt that EA Cricket 2007 is a legendary cricket game for PC. The gameplay, graphics, commentary and of course the fan following made this cricket game immortal. Its taste is unforgettable and memories will never die. That why people are very fascinated by this particular EA Product.

Launch Of EA Sports Cricket 2007

EA Cricket 07 or 2007 was launched on 14 November 2006. At the time of the ICC Cricket World Cup tournament. It allowed playing a realistic cricket on electronic media. It was developed by HD Studios and Published by EA Sports.

It created history after the initial launch and every cricket lover started playing this game. The basic elements of this game were based on a lite structure. Graphical User Interface was very lovely and it introduced an imagination that real cricket can also be enjoyed on-screen.

Gameplay Of EA Sports Cricket 2007

The gameplay was very much realistic in that era. At present, it may look like faded but in the early twenties, it was like a paradise of cricket. There were some more special features and of course and heart touching commentary.

Action-packed thriller atmosphere and the full-fledged batting, bowling in-field controls made this game a cricket legend. Still millions of people have this game and they love to play it.


  • It can run well on potato PC.
  • Free to download and install.
  • Easy to make mods.
  • Commentary improves each time you play.
  • Versatile formats, players as well as kits.


  • No new version is launched since 2007 which is very worst.
  • At present, its graphics seem faded.
  • Limited rosters and no community.

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Wrapping it up

The conclusion of the full reviews tells you that it is an amazing cricket game. You can play it on both the platforms: PS & PC.  EA Cricket 07 requires the least amount of configures hardware. Thus, it never lags and gives you a COOL experience. EA Sports has earned fame by this game and has created a history. No one imagined, by EA Sports created an ideology of cricket gaming as a result of EA SPORTS CRICKET 2007.

What are EA Cricket patches or Mods?

Basically, EA Cricket patch or mods can be defined as mofires and enhancer stuufs which modiy the graphics and overall appearance. As a result, you get more flexibility, the reality in EA Cricket. The patches and mods also provide some major events like the World Cup and T20 tournament.

Are EA Cricket Mods or patches free to download?

Yes, of course, there are many sites that regularly provide ou mod and update you. will also provide those interesting mod in some days. So, stay tuned and follow us.

EA Cricket was launched in early 2007 and the reason for sustainability is patches and mods. Thre are several mod communities that provide different types of mods.

Features of EA Sports Cricket 2007

Features of EA CRICKET 2007

There were some solid controlled and improvement measures in the initial stage of this game. At that time it dominated and was known as the most structured and advanced cricket game.

EA Cricket had many features that were introduced by EA Sports. It has full fledge beating and bowling controlled and that too with different camera angles. 

The ground and crows character was also interactive and the physics of the game made it realistic. Although there were something which were noted still many cricket fans play it.

Tournaments: EA Sports Cricket 07


All types of 20 over matches are available to enjoy. Play the intense t20 format in the form of T20I, IPL, PSL, CPL, etc.


One Day International 50 over format is beautifully designed. Play the Cricket World Cup and Bilateral series.


Yes, EA Cricket is BEST IN TEST. Have any doubt hen you may try it. Experience and play the white form with a red ball.

Batting & Controls of EA Cricket

Batting controls can be felt during the gameplay. You can bat for hours in this game. It is not very easy vice-versa not very tough. It depends on how much time do you spend on it to learn the full control.Versatility in the shots is clearly visible. You can lay all the types of shots. Similarly, you go on the back foot and front foot.

There are different types of batsmen and have different stances. You can play all types of shots. EA cricket 07 has a variety of shots like cut, pull, drive, sweep, hook, and well precise Orthodox Cricketing shots. The shots look Copybook due to realistic animation. 

Bowling & Controls of EA Cricket

The best part of the EA cricket game. You can bowl for hours without any shake of batting. The controls are simple but you have to do the trick in that simplicity. One more special control is that you can target fake points using the pitch maker just before the delivery.

So, the batsman will be confused and you can take the wicket easily. Its application is not easy.Bowlers have different bowling styles and relations as well.  So, download the EA Sports Cricket 2007.

All types of bowling are offered whether it is fast, medium-fast, slow, spin, etc. Therefore you will not be bored. Both types of balls are present, white and red balls are available.

Special Features : EA Cricket 2007

ASHES Cricket

ASHES is the main motive of the EA Sports Cricket. All the players and kits were real and player’s faces were realistic.

Player Creator

A beautiful feature of EA Cricket, we make your  own physical player and play with teams in several matches

Domestic Cricket

For the first time, EA Cricket became the first game to provide and enhance the domestic cricket team to play along.

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Requirements: EA Sports Cricket 2007

Download Cricket 2007Full Information
Downloading Size800 to 900 MB
Official Downloadecricketgames
CPUPentium III only 1 GHz Processor
Supporting PlatformsWindows, PS2
RAM256 MB or 512

Download EA Cricket 07 free version from 3rd party site. If you have some money then it wold be better to buy it from official site. Therefore, play and enjoy the EA Cricket 07.

Why EA Sports is no longer making EA Cricket Games?‚Äč

Most awaited and asked the question that when EA Sports will release the nest EA Cricket series of the game. Every EA Cricket lover has this question in its mind. It has a simple answer that now EA has moved forward and it will be no longer making the EA Sports Cricket games in the future.

It happened due to the lack of success and awareness of cricket gamers. At the initial stage, people use to rush about the FIFIA and Soccer game. At a time people also started piracy of EA Cricket, resulting in EA Stioped making the EA Cricket game.

Patches & Mods has Given a new life to EA Cricket

Of course, the patches and Mod has given an new life to EA Cricket 07 game. The modder and patches have worked very hard and they are only responsible for the survival of this game. The Patches and Mods gave a new atmosphere and people’s demands over them made EA Cricket alive.

Today there are various EA Cricket patches and mod. Even there is a graphics enhancer. You can also get the latest JUKEBOX and more to explore.

The EA Cricket Patches & Mods include new Stadiums, Players, Kits, Rouster, Teams, Tournaments and everything you want in it.

So, this was the full review of EA Sports Cricket 2007. Hope you liked it. If you face any type of problem in downloading, installation or any query directly comment below. Go, download EA Cricket 2007 and start rocking.



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